Golf Courses

Water Quality Risk Assessments

ETS has extensive experience in conducting computer modeling of turf chemicals leaching to ground water, running off to surface water, and impacting wetlands and coral reefs. We integrate information about local soils, drainage, climate, and potential sensitive receptors, i.e., wetlands and surface water as a home for sensitive fish, amphibians, etc. Our approach is very scientific with a focus on pesticide and nutrient mobility, persistence, and toxicity. We develop scientifically sound documents that stand up to regulatory, and scientific scrutiny. Our risk assessment expertise enables us to interpret the results for you in a responsible manner.

ETS is able to enhance the risk assessment process with site-specific, geographically relevant information using GIS software, such as the ESRI ArcGIS software suite. We can evaluate nearly every watershed within the continental United States and Hawaii using the NHDPlus dataset, an integrated suite of application-ready geospatial data products. The incorporation of the NHDPlus into our risk assessment process is more evaluative of the hydrology and potential hydrologic impacts that may occur from landuse changes (e.g., a golf course development), which is more informative during the regulatory process.