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Water Quality Monitoring

ETS offers hydrological, and hydrogeological services in surface and ground water monitoring, water quantity and quality studies, well installation, aquifer testing, water appropriation, and water resource development. We have worked on over 140 golf/turf-related projects, for governmental agencies as well as developers. We are hired by municipalities to evaluate the work of developers, as well as hired directly by developers. Water quality monitoring is often recommended to help ensure the proactive environmental stewardship plan for a project is effective.

Water Quality Monitoring Protocols: A good environmental study should be done with a solid, scientifically valid protocol. This not only ensures a good quality study, but it protects the client from arbitrary rejection of favorable study results (i.e., it will give field personnel very specific guidance). These protocols help to ensure the quality of the study and to ensure that all key stakeholders concur on the study methods and objectives.

Protocols are developed specifically for each project and often include the following topics: sampling stations/locations, sampling procedures, field notes, criteria for storm event sampling (thresholds, i.e., the amount of rainfall and the time to sample to catch the first flush of drifting and runoff-borne pesticides), criteria for baseflow sampling, sample preservation and shipment, analytical procedures, response triggers (detections), management responses to detections, and quality control.