Firing Ranges

Qualifications & Experience

Collective Expertise of the ETS Team
Academic: chemistry, hydrogeology, hydrology, geology, environmental sciences, agronomy.

Applied: ground water science, surface drainage and stream flow, human and aquatic environmental risk assessments, computer simulation modeling, site investigations, risk assessments, development of Best Management Practices (BMPs), and sediment, surface water, and ground water monitoring.

Dr. Cohen has taught the Environmental Assessments class of the NRA's Range Development Conference at least 12 times. ETS' focus on firing ranges began in 1991. Our range projects have been in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, and Washington, and we have done environmental work in at least 10 other states as well.

See our Project Gallery page for more details on Firing Range Contamination Projects and the services we provided.

We developed the first industry best management practices guide for firing ranges, "EPA and OSHA Compliance Guide for Small Arms Ranges: A Focus on Lead" in January 1997. Click here to see the Table of Contents of our BMP manual . The updated, revised third edition was issued in April, 2009. Click here to order the manual, or contact us for more information.

Also, see other relevant publications listed on our abstracts page.