FIFRA Compliance

Subbasin Selected for Tier II Modeling map

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Surface Water

  • Runoff predictions using less resource-intensive semiquantitative approaches for simple systems and physically based models for more complex systems.
  • In-stream water quality modeling using EXAMS for nonpoint source discharges (e.g., turf and agriculture) and CORMIX for point source discharges (e.g., WWTPs and cooling towers).
  • Surface water quality monitoring studies.
  • We use the NHDPlus dataset, an integrated suite of application-ready geospatial data products, to evaluate the impacts of different landuse patterns on downstream networks. This enhances our ability to make effective recommendations and better evaluate the potential impacts (e.g., cumulative watershed effects) resulting from chemical use for crop protection.
  • Site specific analysis of geographically relevant data using advance GIS software technology (ArcGIS®, ESRI®, Redlands, CA).