FIFRA Compliance

Ground Water

  • Advice for strategic planning to aid product registration decisions under FIFRA and the related law, FQPA (Food Quality Protection Act), i.e., integrating considerations of hydrologic and hydrogeologic vulnerability, cropping patterns, environmental chemistry, and mitigation measures.
  • Water quality monitoring (wells & lysimeters) and small-scale prospective ground water studies.
  • Coordination and supervision of well installation and installation of lysimeters.
  • Computer simulation modeling and calibration using PRZM, PELMO, SCI-GROW, and Attenuation Factor.
  • Site-specific analysis of geographically relevant data using advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software (ArcGIS®, ESRI®, Redlands, CA).
  • Ground water contamination predictions using less resource-intensive semiquantitative approaches.
  • Development of State Management Plans for ground water contamination by pesticides.
  • Determination of aquifer coefficients, i.e., pumping tests.