FIFRA Compliance


ETS staff is comfortable working in both regulatory and scientific arenas. Dr. Stuart Cohen, CGWP, worked for EPA for 11 years and is the former head of the ground water team in the Office of Pesticide Programs. Our small staff possesses multiple graduate degrees, and four of the staff are certified or registered in their respective fields. The staff has degrees in hydrogeology, physical organic chemistry, geology, environmental engineering management, water resources, soil physics, environmental toxicology, and turf agronomy. The staff has completed short courses in a very wide variety of environmental courses ranging from habitat management to chemical carcinogenesis.

The company has focused on pesticide assessments, but works with hazardous site assessments, leaking underground storage tanks, and controlled release fertilizers. This has provided cross training which fosters a more holistic approach to problem solving. Similarly, large-scale projects such as the development of Delaware's State Management Plan lend perspective to our small-scale studies. Conversely, development of Best Management Practices for golf courses and shooting ranges lends a local, site-specific perspective to national assessments.