FIFRA Compliance

Pesticide and Nutrient Abstracts

Following are abstracts of our publications on pesticide and nutrient migration to surface water and ground water.

Urban BMPs Can Protect Water Quality: Non-Pesticides as Models for Pesticides (2009)

Buffer Widths and Nutrient and Sediment Removal Efficiencies (2008)

Pesticide and Nutrient Modeling (2008)

Water Quality Impacts by Golf Courses: A Metastudy (2007) (Update to Cohen et al., 1999)

Environmental Chemistry in an Environmental Risk Assessment Context: Case Studies of Dibromochloroproane, Pentachloronitrobenzene, and Ogranoarsenical Pesticides (2007)

Prediction of Pesticide Toxicity to Amphibians: Testing a Preliminary Screening Equation and EPA's 'ICE' Equations with New Data (2006)

The Pesticide Module of the Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM): Testing and Aensitivity Analysis of Selected Algorithms for Pesticide Fate and Surface Runoff (2004)

The Special Case of Pesticides: Science and Regulation (2004)

Risk Assessments for Golf Course Pesticides: 1. Special Considerations for Modeling (2002)

Risk Assessments for Golf Course Pesticides: 2. New Methodologies to Estimate Amphibian Toxicity to Turfgrass Chemicals (2002)

GLEAMS, Opus, PRZM2 and PRZM3 Simulations of Atrazine Runoff Compared to Field Observations from a Loamy Sand Soil Under High-Intensity Rainfall Conditions (2000)

Water Quality Impacts By Golf Courses (1999)

Water Runoff and Pesticide Transport from a Golf Course Rairway: Observations vs. OPUS Model Simulations (1999)

Offsite Transport Of Pesticides In Water: Mathematical Models Of Pesticide Leaching And Runoff (1995)

Ground Water Monitoring And Computer Simulation Modeling Of Triasulfuron -- An Integrated Approach For Predicting Leaching Potential (1994)

Environmental Chemistry of Ethylene Dibromide in Soil and Ground Water (Table of Contents) (1990)

Monitoring Ground Water for Pesticides (1986)