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Stuart Cohen

Stuart Cohen is the President of Environmental & Turf Services and is the Study Director of all environmental risk assessments. His Ph.D. is in Physical Organic Chemistry from George Washington University, Washington, DC, with dissertation research at the National Institutes of Health (NIADDK). He has additional course work in chemical carcinogenesis, immunology, soil microbiology, wildlife habitats, hydrogeology, chemical engineering, aquatic toxicity, etc. He has been working in the areas of environmental fate and risk assessment since 1976. His career includes 11 years with the U.S. EPA in the areas of pesticides and toxic substances. Dr. Cohen is a Certified Ground Water Professional and has been very active in professional societies (SETAC, NGWA, IUPAC, ACS, GCSAA). He was the director of the Cape Cod ground water study of four golf courses. Click here to view a list of Stuart's publications