About Us

About Us

In 1997, ETS release the first ever industry BMP compliance guide for small arms ranges, "EPA and OSHA Compliance Guide for Small Arms Ranges: A Focus on Lead". In April of 2009, we released the updated and revised third edition of the BMP guide. Click here to order the manual, or contact us for more information.

Environmental & Turf Services (ETS) is an interdisciplinary firm with extensive collective experience working with agriculture, turf, golf courses, firing ranges, and hazardous site investigations. Dr. Stuart Cohen founded ETS in January, 1991. Since that time, ETS has maintained a small, tight knit team of highly trained professionals. The turnover rate of the dedicated staff has been low.

The ETS team has worked on projects from Massachusetts to Hawaii, and points in between. ETS' services of providing scientific assistance and expert testimony have been beneficial in assisting companies that are doing their best to comply with increasing regulatory demands. ETS also provides technical assistance to municipalities in the review of technical documents for proposed developments.

ETS serves its clients by resolving complex scientific issues with sound science. In fact, much of ETS' work has been cutting-edge, state-of-the-art science. Evidence for this can be found in the lists of abstracts, papers, and posters that the staff have presented before scientific peers.

Federal environmental statutes most relevant to ETS' work are the Clean Water Act (CWA), the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), the Safe Drinking Water Act (SWDA), and the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA).

ETS is centrally located in Wheaton, Maryland, approximately equidistant from three major airports, and an easy subway ride from the U.S. EPA headquarters, Capitol Hill, and the many law firms in downtown Washington, D.C.