ETS staff is comfortable working in both regulatory and scientific arenas. Dr. Stuart Cohen, CGWP, worked for EPA for 11 years and was the first staff scientist hired in the TSCA Premanufacture Notification Division. Our small staff possesses multiple graduate degrees, certifications, or registrations in their respective fields. The staff has degrees in a wide range of natural/environmental sciences, including agronomy, and has also completed short courses in a very wide variety of environmental courses ranging from habitat management to chemical carcinogenesis.

The company has focused on pesticide and heavy metal assessments, but works on TSCA new chemical assessments, hazardous sites, leaking underground storage tanks, and controlled release fertilizers. This has provided cross training which fosters a more holistic approach to problem solving. Similarly, large-scale projects such as the development of Delaware's State Management Plan (for pesticides in ground water) lend perspective to our small-scale studies. Conversely, development of risk-based Best Management Practices for golf courses and shooting ranges lends a local, site-specific perspective to national assessments. Our convenient location in Maryland at a Metro subway stop makes it easy to meet with clients and represent them in meetings at EPA headquarters.